Medirev Pharmaceuticals


Founded in 2002, Mittal Pharmaceuticals’s aim is to serve humanity by bringing pure, authentic and effective Ayurvedic products at affordable prices. Keeping this in mind, we have been manufacturing authentic Ayurvedic products, strictly complying with the specifications mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic approved scriptures such as Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Bhaishajya-Ratnavali etc., with the help of modern technology. Building on our rich Ayurvedic legacy and health expertise, we have become one of India’s leading Ayurvedic company today. Mittal Pharmaceuticals is India’s most trusted name in Ayurvedic World. We have carved a niche in the industry with our thoughtfully created products that adhere to industry standards by providing strong quality assurance.

Medireveshop is a technology-enabled one-stop-shop for Ayurvedic products belonging to categories such as Immunity, Digestive Health, Sexual Wellness, Mental wellness and Bone & Joint Health. By introducing Medirev Pharmaceuticals, we are redefining the health and wellness sector by providing a virtual platform where the customers can assess, research, compare and appraise before purchasing an Ayurvedic product. We provide accurate, authoritative and trustworthy information on all our products, and are steadfast in our commitment to make Ayurvedic solutions accessible to millions by providing quality care at your fingertips.


According to Ayurveda, there are three fundamental bio-elements (doshas) in our body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and health exists only when there is a balance between them. Hence, Ayurvedic practitioners emphasize to eliminate the impurities that are causing the disease rather than addressing it directly. Mittal Pharmaceuticals offers Ayurvedic products that have rigorously undergone quality checks before they reach our customers. All Mittal Pharmaceuticals products are manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff. They are made with responsibly sourced, potent ingredients that are pure, authentic, and 100% vegetarian. Mittal Pharmaceuticals is here to hold your hand throughout your journey to bring about a change in your lifestyle.


Mittal Pharmaceuticals has a 20 years old Ayurvedic heritage and legacy, and by incorporating the conventional Ayurvedic practices with state-of-the-art technology, we are bringing out pure and effective products that are of superior quality. With the introduction of Mittal Pharmaceuticals, we are providing the customers with the option of availing Mittal Pharmaceuticals products delivered to their doorsteps. What sets Medireveshop apart is its ability to change the quality of millions of lives through Ayurveda by being ahead of the curve. Today, Mittal Pharmaceuticals products are available in all over India through our Team network.

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